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Strategy Partners run a series of events throughout the year including our highly successful Executive Summits, Executive Briefings and Networking Dinners for our vendor clients and other senior executives from the ICT industry.




Executive Briefing


The Information Governance Forum London


Current Initiatives- Strategy Partners’ Independent Market Research Programme


Strategy Partners is conducting an independent and primary market research programme into the strategies, implementations and experiences of organisations that have historically stored documents in large document and content management systems, that have already, or are, about to exploit Microsoft SharePoint.




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Dear Friends, Clients and future Clients,


For sixteen years Strategy Partners has provided leading European market research and other related services.

We are fiercely and fearlessly independent. We don't get paid by big vendors to tell you what they think you should hear. Our market experts are among the best in their fields and we are proud of our record of delivering outstanding services on time and under budget.

We believe in transparency and won't sell you a cheap service only to try and upsell you later. We are not just at the forefront of modern market trends we are helping to define them.

If you represent a small organisation looking to grow, an established organisation looking to innovate, or any organisation that could benefit from expert, timely and up to the minute advice then you need Strategy Partners.

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Rory Staunton, Managing Director